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Hello, its 12.10 am and she is still awake. Why? Because of depression. No matter how hard we try to hide it with that yes we are alright, but the truth can’t be hidden inside. Each and every one of us, we are nurturing the inescapable gloom. Reason? Well, we don’t have any reason, or even if we have we just don’t want to confess. Depression in the 21st century has become as common as the common cold . Often we hide it when we shouldn’t. Often we don’t combat it, when we should.
The early symptoms of depression, are the signs that signals us, that yes we need someone to listen to us, to solve our problems. A kind friend, or a helping parent, but if neither of these then obviously a psychiatrist. Often this idea still seems far-fetched for those who don’t believe in consulting one, but the need for a good psychiatrist especially for teenagers is most ardent. Just think of all those sleepless nights we spend, and then think life would have been s…

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