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 Once on their way home from college, Swagatam and Vishwas  saw a little boy at a traffic signal reading a book. The little boy stood near the signal while reading alphabets, and after a while started walking into a lane. Intrigued, Swagatam and Vishwas decided to follow him. To their utter dismay, they saw this boy selling garlands. There they were travelling in the luxury of their air-conditioned car, and there, there was this little boy, who would sell garlands, support his family, as well as go to school and study. It was that very moment that these two friends studying in T.Y.B.M.S. from Wilson College decided to do something.

Swagatam unwaveringly decided that he wanted to work towards serving society. Afterwhich he discussed his ambitions with his father who supported him wholeheartedly. Swagatam then invited Vishwas to join hands to create a positive change. Vishwas was very keen on giving back to society and working with Swagatam on this. They have massively impacted our society in a very humble way.
They have successfully organised several events at Smit Old Age Home -Thane, Divine Hospital-Vasai and Kolkata.

Their vigour was observed at the first initiative under Old India Modern India campaign to showcase the talents of the senior citizens of our country using various forms of social media at the Behala Shantinilay Welfare Society, Kolkata along with a brilliant street play performed by their volunteers to spread awareness about social evils.

Adarsh has a strong core team comprising Swagatam Majumdar, Vishwas Soholkar, Aaron Menezes, Zahan Pawar, Rittik Sarkar, Ushnish Chatterjee, Abigail Shinde and Kevin Ramsey

The effervescence and passion of the 25 volunteers from all over mumbai and thane was observed at Smit Old Age Home Thane on October 18,2015 . The volunteers aided assistance in providing free eye check up to the senior citizens which was followed by lunch , this event was supported by Member of Parliament Dr. Kirit Somaiya and General Secretary of BJYM Neil Somaiya and Yuvak Pratishthan.

They have also organised a free Health camp for the underprivileged people and the common man with the help of over 30 volunteers on November 1,2015 in association with Divine Hospital, Vasai.
Where the following services were provided to over 100 individual's completely free of cost:

➡ECG (For Diabetic and BP Patients)
➡Blood Sugar Random( For Diabetic Patients)
➡General Check Up
➡Blood pressure
➡TB (Pulmonary Tuberculosis) 
➡Chronic Cough

Well, their endeavours are surely being noticed and their efforts to succour to humanity is worthy of applause. It is an idiosyncratic responsibility to save someone's bacon! 

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