Cosmetics are perhaps the favourite products of girls who love make up. At certain age, every girl have the fetish for some make up products and would definitely love to receive it as gifts. While the most of the products of the prominent brands are way too expensive, we are enlisting some of the affordable make up products from the renowned brands.

      1.  LAKME  9 to 5 CC CREAM : 

      The CC cream 9 to 5 of Lakme  costs only Rs 99. This is  a correction cream and is better in coverage and conceals the dark spots or redness in skin tone evenly. They are lighter in coverage than foundation but heavier than the tinted moisturizers. It acts as sunblock, primer and foundation. It comes in 2 shades, Beige for fair complexion and Bronze for a darker complexion.

      2.       ALOVERA GEL :

      The Patanjali Alovera gel acts as a primer and make up base. It is also effective for dark circles and dark spots, helps in preventing infections . The best part of this gel is that it is suitable for all skin types. The mini pack of the Alovera gel costs only Rs 40 and is very cheap compared to the number of benefits it provide.


      The Maybelline Super fresh compact is a very pocket friendly product which should be owned by every girl who loves make up. It provides complete coverage to the skin for nearly 12 hours. It comes in different shades and one should chooses according to the skin complexion. The price of this compact from Maybelline is only Rs 150.

     4.       LAKME INSTANT EYE LINER :  

      The Lakme eye liner is the cheapest among all the prominent brands of eye liners as the bottle  of 9 ml comes only at 110 bucks and lasts more than a year. It is water resistant but takes a little time to dry. However, it is long lasting and provides a pretty dark shade.


      Color Pops matte lipsticks provides a deep pigmentation and soft  matte finish to the lips at a very affordable price of only RS 100. This is best suited for college goers as the brand provides a good quality product at a pocket friendly price with a variety of shades to choose from. While the shiner ones are available at a bit high rates of Rs 120.

     6.       ELLE 18 KAJAL : 

      Elle 18 kajal comes at Rs.135 for 0.35 gm. It provides a Creamy formula with intense pigmentation and also gives a shiny finish. It is water resistant but not completely smudgeproof. It is long lasting and stays for over 5 hours.

These are the must have cosmetics to be owned by any make up lover as they are very pocket friendly and should be in the must have lists of any college goer.  



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